Tiny House Shipping Containers

An affordable option to cabin or cottage kits, are shipping containers turned into a tiny house. Not everyone likes the exterior look of a shipping container, but for others it looks pretty rad. Firstly, the material is extremely eco-friendly compared to modern built houses. Secondly, the material means that the house becomes very durable. Thirdly, like with all tiny houses, but especially with tiny house containers – the portability is seamless and risk free because of the exterior material.

Pros with Tiny House Shipping Containers

  1. Perfect to build porches and storages outside the container.
  2. To build a rooftop couch group or something similar is the ultimate way of using space.


  1. Compared to Tiny House Kits on Wheels, its portability level is rather low because of the heavy material.
  2. It’s rectangular shape might be too aesthetically monotone for some.

How much does a container home

There are a few DIY options on Amazon which means that you can build a container tiny house on 2 days, but there are also prefab container homes which lie in the price range of $20,000-$50,000. Above we’ve listed all of these so you can find the kit that suits you the best individually.

shipping container house kit