Tiny House on Wheels

If you’re looking for a movable house, but think that a van is too small, then tiny house on wheels are suits you perfectly. Imagine that you can change where you live as soon as the thought of changing scenery hits you – isn’t that a dream for many of us? To begin with you need a trailer on which you place the house. Secondly you buy the house which you can customize based on your needs. Lastly you register it so you legally are allowed to transport it everywhere. Thus, it’s a super easy process and this guide tells you all about it.

Since the tiny house movement became really popular a few years ago, tiny house on wheels became one of the most popular choices. Because this type of house provides the ultimate freedom, it also comes with an equal amount of responsibility. For instance, you can’t just put the trailer wherever you want because of local restrictions. Additionally, in certain states you need an approval in order to build it. 

Therefor you shall read this guide in order to understand everything you need to know.


The definition of a Tiny House on Wheels is that it’s built on a trailer. Because of that you can easily move it with your car, which means that as soon as it becomes winter you can move your house to a sunnier place. While there are many resellers of trailers for tiny house kits, we recommend choosing a brand with an excellent reputation, rather than the cheapest you can find.

Further there are custom tiny house trailers that you can tailor-make based on your specific needs. Instead of buying a ready-made trailer for a lot of money, you have the option to specify exactly what you need. For example most trailers have a loading ramp which is total unnecessary for a Tiny House on Wheels. 

If you want more information about tiny house trailers, like how heavy the complete interior can be before breaking the tires? Then watch this video about tiny house trailers.

Pros with Tiny House on Wheels

  1. Ultimate freedom. Move from state to state whenever you feel like.
  2. Ability to customize based on your specific needs.
  3. The house can be moved into a garage if you’re for example going on vacation for a long time.


  1. You need to read up on where you can put your tiny house trailer since you often need a permit.
  2. No sense of a proper house foundation (not needed for everyone though).

Tiny House on Wheels for sale

Below you will find all Tiny House on Wheels for sale. As can be seen the cost varies quite a lot depending on the size, quality and reseller. Make sure that warranty is included. And if you regard it too expensive – start with buying the plans.

Cabin On Wheels

Cost (starting at)





104 sq/ft: 80sq/ft Interior, 24sq/ft Porch


Hemlock & Pine

Building time

36 hours


9,900 lbs


Step-by-step incl.

How much does a Tiny House on Wheels cost?

These types of house range from $15,000-$50,000 which is a pretty big range. Therefore you should compare rigorously before making your purchase.


In conclusion a Tiny House on Wheels is abbreviated T.H.O.W. and is built on a trailer. Therefore you have to register it at the Motor Vehicle Department. Further the building requirements that come with a traditional home does not apply with a house on wheels. Move it around the country with a regular pick-up truck and live wherever you want. 

However, for it to be used for full-time living, you of course have to insulate it. Another key point is that you should do this during the initial shell constructions to make it as cheap as possible. Lastly you can select how to custom your tiny house based on your needs so you don’t have to pay more than what you need.

tiny house on wheels
tiny house on wheels