Cheap Tiny House Kits

Lately there’s been an increased popularity for cheap tiny house kits, and while there are kits under $5000 that are very good, there’s some cons that you need to know before making your purchase. Most consumers today just want a tiny house kit that’s cheap, but they completely forget everything that they need to install or buy themselves, like electricity for example. Therefore we have listed all tiny house kits that are good enough to move into directly after you’ve assembled it.

Most Cheap Tiny House Kits are frames

When you see a Tiny House Kit that only costs $1000, you can be 100% sure that it’s only the frame they’ll be sending you. This means that everything has to be bought as add-ons which quickly will raise the price tag. So be reasonable when looking for an affordable prefab home, you need to find the golden middle way.

cheap tiny house kits

Best Cheap Tiny House Kits 2020

Writers Haven leads the way in our list of the best cheap tiny house kits of 2020, and it’s no wonder why. With its beautiful design and affordable price (under $4000) makes this cabin kit the most affordable prefab home. Complete with framing, roofing, windows and the open space, also makes this home the ultimate getaway for relaxation. There’s a built-in desk on which you can write your dream novel or work on your next building project.

Read more about Writers Haven here and buy it at Jamaica Cottage Shop.

Cheapest Tiny House Kit

Although there sure are a lot of affordable small houses kit, they may still be over your budget. Therefore we’ve tracked down the cheapest tiny house kit online. Since there’s a bunch of them where you basically only get the frame of the house, we’ve decided to remove these to only focus on fully functional house kits. Also, all of the cheap tiny house kits on our site is sold through reliable retailers with a fantastic average rating.

Please note…

…that you need to educate yourself before purchasing a cheap tiny house kits that’s not ready to move in to directly. It’s a serious investment that should be respected, especially when you are looking to make a bargain.

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