Shipping Containers Home for Sale

If you’d like to move into a cheap, durable and cool tiny house, then you should check out all shipping containers home for sale below. Container homes has for quite some time now been the most popular form of alternative living. Made from durable steel that withstands heavy storms, in combination with being eco-friendly and portable, makes this a great choice for those that want to design their own tiny house for a low cost.

Furthermore, since there are so many different container homes plans to choose from, you have an everlasting stream of inspiration on how to build a container home. Also, there is a beautiful community on YouTube where you can see finished houses made from shipping containers. In other words, you don’t have to worry about a lack of step-by-step guides or inspirational examples because this tiny house category is so popular so you’ll never run out of new things to learn.

Lastly, we strongly recommend you to read more about every container house for sale before placing your order.

Shipping container homes cost

The best shipping containers home for sale ranges in cost from $1000 up to 50000. So there’s a huge difference from the cheapest container homes to the more exclusive alternatives. Meaning that you need to make sure to carefully read what’s included in the specific container house you’re looking to buy.

Since the container home prices differ as mentioned, you’ll want to find something to fit your budget – don’t choose a cheap option because it looks inviting. For example, if we take this diy container home that only cost $2000 with a quick assembly time, you’ll notice that it’s completely empty inside. Why? Because it’s cheap. So if you want included electricity, furniture or something else, then you need to pay a few extra bucks.

In summary, think for a really long time on what you need in the first step of building a home from a shipping container, then you can always upgrade in step two or three. Do not buy anything hastily.

Shipping Containers Home for Sale

Container homes for sale near me

In order to see all shipping containers home for sale near me, you navigate to Jamaica Cottage Shop, where you’ll find a map of your country. Choose where you live on the map and the site will show you all the container homes near you. Notice the delivery time so you don’t get disappointed if it’s longer that what you thought.

Cheap shipping container home

As said above, there surely exist cheap shipping container homes online. But is the price really the only factor for you? If you want to build a long-term living space for yourself, that’s going to endure the test of time, then you should base your decision on quality and consumer reviews – never the cost alone. With this said we still want to list all the cheapest shipping container homes that fits our qualitative criteria.


Below we’ve listed all different applications your shipping containers house for sale can serve as:

  • Home
  • Camp
  • Office
  • Canteen
  • Restaurant
  • Garage
  • Studio
  • Gallery
Containers Homes for Sale

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